The Pomerium

The Inner City of Verun, roughly conforming to the ancient and sacred original boundary. The wealthy, influential and lucky get to live here.

There is a tax just for residing within The Pomerium although day passes are available to those who need to enter on business or to shop. Those people are watched fairly closely by an elite guard unit.

Montly Tax for residents – 10 GP
Day pass – 1 GP
Thieve’s Guild Protection for residents – 10 SP
Day pass from Thieve’s Guild – 1 GP

The Thieve’s Guild also operates within The Pomerium and keeps crime to a minimum and well regulated, mostly preying on visiting foreigners and those rich merchants foolish enough to not pay protection money.

Some equipment can only be reliably procured within The Pomerium. Here is a partial list:

Two-handed Sword
Banded mail
Full plate
Horse, warhorse

The Pomerium

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